Whether you're staying close to home or heading overseas this summer, how you treat your feet can make or break your getaway. Want to explore for hours, without the distraction of foot pain or injuries? Check out our recommendations for the best travel shoes to pack in your bags!

Finding the Best Travel Shoes: Key Features

First and foremost, shoes worn on vacation should be comfortable, since you don't want to run back to the hotel or AirBnB after a few hours to swap footwear. Moreover, they should provide plenty of support, especially if you're hiking or walking on uneven surfaces. After all, just one misstep in the wrong foot wear and your ankle could roll, leaving you with a painful foot strain or sprain. (And a ruined vacation.) So, those are the basic features to look for in shoes you pack for vacation. But there are also some gender-specific features that you may wish to consider.

Men's Best Travel Shoes feet with hiking boots in front of mountain views

If you need to head to a formal dinner or business meeting while on the road, but want to get in some touring as well, sneaker-loafers are a great choice. Make sure your shoes can breathe by choosing natural materials such as leather or cotton. And always choose styles that can be worn with socks, since going without increases foot odor, foot pain and plenty of infections.

Blending Comfort and Style in Women's Travel Shoes

While comfort and support are crucial features, the best travel shoes for women also have to look good. Otherwise, you won't be as happy with all your vacation photos. So, what's a style-savvy traveler to do? Look for shoe brands such as Fly London that have playful designs but comfort-forward finishes like soft leather construction and sturdy rubber soles that absorb shock while you walk across hard surfaces. These styles can maximize your comfort and safety while providing the perfect finishing touch to your ultimate travel look.

Shoes for Off Road Activities

Of course, if you're hitting the trails this summer, you'll need shoes that can support your hikes. In such cases, you'll want to select boots that come up over your ankles for added support and stability. If weather could be a concern, look for pairs that can stand up to rain, as they will keep your feet warm and dry. (And protect them from pesky problems such as blisters or fungal infections like athlete's foot.) Just don't go with shoes that are too heavy, as they can tire your feet out at a faster pace. Instead, look for lighter-weight hiking gear that provides all of the support, but none of the drag.

Best Shoes for Travel: The Best Go Anywhere Choices

While you can play around with multiple brands and styles, your should always go back to those first two features we mentioned: comfort and support. So, what is the top brand pick for Dr. Alvin Cowans, your podiatrist in Powder Springs, Georgia? If you really want to cushion your feet from the impact of all day touring, a pair of maximalist sneakers like the Hoka One One should keep your feet happy throughout your adventures. Now, while these shoes would not be a top pick for running a marathon (all that extra cushioning can change your gait and center of gravity, increasing your injury risk), they do make for some of the best travel shoes out there. And here's why.

A maximalist sneaker has tons of cushioining. And that can help with shock absorption, whether you're pounding concrete sidewalks or traversing cobblestone walkways. Now, in the past, the cushioning weighed down your feet, making it difficult to spend a whole day touring in maximalist shoes. However, thanks to innovations in sneaker technology, you can now find maximalist shoes cushioned with foam in the heels. As such, the shoes are lighter on your feet while still cushioining them from the blows of all-day touring. And, for us, that's a major win.

Of course, even with the best travel shoes on your feet, accidents happen. And, even with the perfect pair of shoes, the strain of spending all day on your feet while traveling can cause new foot pain or reignite an old, chronic condition. So, if you came home from traveling in need of support, or if you want help getting your feet ready for your dream vacation, we're here to help. Just call the office at 770-727-0614 or follow this link to request a consultation.

Conveniently located in the Lost Mountain neighborhood of Powder Springs, our podiatrist is available to address all your foot concerns, from beating that nagging foot pain to finding the perfect pair of travel shoes. But we can't help you if we don't see you. So reach out to our team today, and get ready for happier feet tomorrow!


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