Swift therapy uses  microwave energy to effectively treat warts. It is a more effective option than traditional wart treatments for several reasons. First, Swift doesn't destroy your wart tissue. And that means it also doesn't cause damage to nearby healthy tissue. Instead, the treatment directly targets the wart, sending energy beneath the skin's surface. This uncovers the HPV virus causing the wart to form. In turn, your body's immune system can respond and fight off the infection. For that reason, after treating plantar warts with Swift therapy, there is less than a 1% they will come back. 

Hitting Warts Where It Hurts

The Swift system's low-powered microwave energy travels 3 mm beneath the surface of your skin. Once that happens, the energy heats up all the warter living in the wart, uncovering the proteins of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that lives inside. Now that they're forced out of hiding, your immune system is able to fight the virus and keep it from invading again in the future. That's why we can basically say that Swift therapy cures warts after three or fewer treatment sessions.

swift wart treatment

What to Expect with Swift for Plantar Warts

Each Swift treatment session lasts about 10 minutes. And most patients will need three sessions, each spaced apart by one month, in order to clear up their plantar warts. During your sessions, the actual application lasts just a few seconds, and that application may be mildly uncomfortable. After the session is over, any discomfort will resolve. You won't develop scars, sores or blisters, and you won't need to follow after-care instructions. Instead, as soon as you walk out of the office, you can get right back to your regular activities.

Who Can Choose Swift Therapy?

Swift Therapy is an FDA-approved wart treatment that was developed based on years of scientific research. It is safe and non-invasive, so there are no counterindications. That means Swift is safe for almost all patients, even making it a good treatment option for plantar warts in kids. Ready to say goodbye to warts without worrying about them coming back? Call the office and schedule a Swift Therapy consultation today!