Foot and Ankle Surgery

Your feet and ankles work hard and, when they look and feel their best, it is all too easy to forget just how much they do to support you. However, nothing makes you notice your feet more than a podiatric problem—and if you've suffered an injury or are living with a serious foot or ankle deformity or disorder, you can find your attention drawn to each and every painful step.

Is a foot, ankle, or toenail issue making every step miserable? Are you concerned that the condition could be long-term, require major surgery, or affect your mobility or overall quality of life? You've come to just the right place for help.

Comprehensive Care for Podiatric Problems

Don't put up with daily pain or discomfort. At Optimum Podiatry, we provide the comprehensive care you need to get back on your feet and back to living your best life. We offer an array of non-surgical and surgical treatment options, and are always searching for new, innovative, and effective interventions to add to our cutting-edge practice.

Our podiatrist, Dr. Alvin Cowans, has extensive knowledge of foot and ankle anatomy, as well as considerable experience in both the exam room and the OR, which allows him to provide skilled diagnosis, and medical or surgical treatment for a wide range of foot, ankle, and lower leg disorders.

When and Why to Consider Surgical Intervention

Many patients who come to see us are concerned about the idea of undergoing surgery. We understand, and you can count on us to work to resolve your issue with non-surgical methods whenever possible. However, when conservative treatments fail to deliver results, surgery may provide the best chance for alleviating pain, and restoring foot or ankle function or appearance.

Is your pain, disability, or deformity constant, severe, making daily activities difficult, or preventing you from doing the things you love? Has the problem persisted, worsened, or returned, despite conservative treatments? Are you ready to find out whether a surgical approach could benefit your condition?

Many patients prefer traditional, open surgeries for concerns such as bunions and hammertoes, because they include the use of stabilize plates and screws, adding reassurance that your condition won't recur after surgery. Also, because insurance coverage is constantly shifting, we can factor coverage concerns into your treatment plan if necessary. Or, if insurance is not an option, we will provide a self-pay treatment plan that balances optimal outcomes with cost considerations. Keep in mind, however, that when you choose traditional surgery, the recovery period after open foot or ankle surgery is longer than it would be following an MIS (minimally invasive surgery.) Most patients can expect six to 10 weeks of down time following surgery.

Still, for certain traumatic sports injuries, or for some foot and ankle fractures, medical repair is only possible with open surgery. Luckily, Dr. Cowans is an experienced surgeon, familiar with both open and minimally invasive procedures. When you come in for a surgical consultation, he will evaluate your condition and advise you on the best procedure for your needs. Together, you'll discuss whether you are a good candidate for MIS, or whether traditional surgery will better resolve your current concerns.

Common Foot and Ankle Conditions Surgery Can Treat  

A vital component of comprehensive podiatric care, surgery can provide much-needed relief for a number of painful foot, ankle, and toenail problems, including:

Matching You With the Right Surgical Option

No two patients are the same, which is why it is essential that your treatment is as unique as you are. As a patient-focused podiatric practice, that is exactly what Optimum Podiatry provides. After performing a thorough evaluation of your foot, ankle, and toenail health, Dr. Cowans will take time to discuss your needs, concerns, and goals before making a diagnosis and recommending treatment. If his recommendation includes surgery, there are many options available—from the latest minimally invasive procedures to traditional open surgeries. Whether you want to have a bunion or heel spur removed, need a surgical fusion to realign bones, or require reconstructive surgery, at Optimum Podiatry, you can feel confident that your feet and ankles are in good hands.

We're Committed to Providing the Highest Standard of Post-Operative Care

Fear of a long and painful recovery period is a common reason patients give for wanting to avoid surgery.

Fortunately, not only do our state-of-the-art procedures often result in shorter and less painful recoveries, but our dedication to providing exceptional care doesn't end when the anesthesia wears off. Dr. Cowans helps patients navigate the recovery process, working to get them back on their feet as quickly, painlessly—and most importantly—as safely as possible.

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