Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery in Powder Springs, Georgia

Here at our Powder Springs podiatry practice, we perform minimally invasive surgery for foot conditions both in-office and at local medical centers, depending on the nature of your procedure. With MIS procedures, we use advanced surgical techniques and instruments to perform surgery, shortening the length of your recovery period. 

MIS Techniques for Foot Surgery

Dr. Alvin Cowans has multiple techniques for performing minimally invasive foot surgery, and will craft your treatment plan after a thorough consultation. In this way, the approach Dr. Cowans takes can be crafted to suit your unique condition. And this is a decision that will be made following a thorough surgical consultation, after determining if you are a good candidate for MIS.

Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery: What Conditions Can We Treat?

Dr. Cowans can perform almost every form of foot or ankle surgery as a Minimally Invasive Surgery. Conditions that respond particularly well to an MIS approach include:

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery

When you choose an MIS procedure, you can expect a shorter recovery period than you would have with an open surgery. There is minimal scarring following your procedure, and there is very little downtime after surgery. In fact, many of our patients are back to full activity levels as soon as 3 weeks after MIS! Also, your recovery should be less painful due to the less-invasive nature of your procedure.

Choosing MIS in Powder Springs, GA

While MIS is often an effective treatment option, it will not be the right approach for every patient. Want to see if MIS will be the solution to your foot pain? Come into the office to see if you are a candidate!