Laser Therapy in Powder Springs, GA

In our Powder Springs, GA podiatry practice, we offer laser foot treatment to patients seeking relief from foot and ankle pain, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon pain. We also offer Class IV laser therapy to patients who hope to speed up post-op recovery. But what kind of laser do we use and how can this treatment offer relief for such a wide variety of conditions? Read on to find out about laser foot treatment options with Dr. Alvin Cowans!

What is the Class IV Laser Foot Treatment?  technician giving laser foot treatment

Class IV laser therapy uses red and near-infrared light wavelengths to help your body heal from many different ailments. How does it work? Well, the laser’s light can stimulate your body’s internal processes in ways that help reduce pain and swelling, while improving your range of motion. More specifically, the laser helps your body produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an internal messenger that speeds healing within your cells.

The Class IV laser gives off heat, unlike some other lasers, which produce cold waves. In this way, wavelengths travel deeper beneath your tissue, passing healing energy to your tendons, ligaments and muscles. So, while you feel the soothing heat of the light waves, the laser foot treatment is pushing your body to repair itself at the fastest rate possible. Best of all, the treatment doesn’t take long, meaning a single session could be complete in just six minutes! And, because it’s so quick, we’re also able to treat multiple sore spots with just one visit to the office.

Which Conditions Can We Target With Laser Foot Treatment?Foot Pain

Basically, this laser helps relieve many painful or unsightly foot conditions, from injuries to chronic heel pain.

We’ve also seen great results for our post-surgical patients, helping reduce their recovery time dramatically.

Best of all, if you’re unable to take oral medications, choosing laser therapy can help you find much-needed pain relief. Plus, the treatments themselves don’t hurt or cause any identified side effects. After a laser foot treatment, you can resume activities right away. And you notice symptom improvement after a few sessions, even if you’ll need more to heal completely.

Other Benefits of Laser TherapyLaser Therapy for Pain

Laser foot treatment is a great way to deliver quick relief for foot pain. But that’s not all it can do.  Here are some of the other ways class IV laser treatments can help you get back on your feet.

Reduce Swelling.

After a laser foot treatment, your body sends more oxygenated blood to the target area. This helps boost blood flow and prevents blood from pooling in your lower limbs. As a result, it limits or reduces foot, leg and ankle swelling.  

Forms nerves and capillaries.

The laser’s hot light wavelengths can support angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels. At the same time, it can boost your body’s ability to regenerate nerves. In these ways, it can help promote injury healing, and may even help reduce the pain of conditions like diabetic neuropathy.

Improve Bone Healing. 

If you’re staring down the business end of a six-to-eight-week recovery period for a broken foot or ankle, laser therapy could cut down on that healing time. How? Studies show that it can improve existing bone healing and help your body form new bone tissue.

Supports Muscle Healing, Too!

The laser’s wavelengths support all kinds of cell growth, including the formation of collagen and muscular cells. This means a laser foot treatment can help you heal faster after a sprain injury. And it can also reduce your risk of scarring after foot or ankle surgery.


Choosing Laser Foot Treatment in Powder Springs, GA

While laser foot therapy is not covered by your insurance plan, it’s a treatment option that’s well worth considering. Laser foot therapy can also be paid with your HSA or Care Credit. After all, given its ability to reduce healing time and reduce pain without the need for medications, choosing laser treatments could mean fewer office visits and prescriptions. Ultimately, that could translate to less out-of-pocket expenses on your road to recovery.

Have you been suffering from chronic heel or foot pain, and you can’t find relief? Or have you had foot surgery, and you want to get back on your feet already? Call or contact our podiatrist in Powder Springs, GA and ask us how laser foot treatment can help you feel better—fast!