Our Powder Springs podiatrist uses the Smart ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) test to compare the blood pressure in your ankle with the blood pressure in your arm. If you have a low ABI score, that could mean your arteries are narrowed or blocked, and that could be a sign of peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

This painless, non-invasive, advanced test delivers fast results that are easy to interpret. It helps us diagnose PAD or determine your risk for this disease. As such, it is an important advanced treatment for our patients, especially those with increased PAD risk, such as diabetics.

Why Choose Smart ABI?Peripheral Arterial Disease Smart-ABI

This advanced treatment makes it easier to detect and treat changes in the arterial health of our patients with risk for PAD. Within minutes of performing Smart ABI testing, we receive a report with detailed, easy-to-interpret results that tell us whether your PAD risk is normal, borderline, or severe. Once we have those results, they are permanently stored in the testing software. This provides us with baseline health information that helps us track changes in your health and adapt your care plan appropriately.

How can you decide if you need this test? The American Heart Association suggests testing every patient with a PAD risk. In addition to measuring the differences in your ankle and arm blood pressure levels, it can also measure your body mass index (BMI) as well as general blood pressure, delivering results that can prevent other health problems.

How We Use Smart ABI Results

Peripheral Arterial Disease is a major contributor to limb loss. As such, we use Smart ABI testing to detect this disease as early as possible, before it impacts your ability to walk or heal your wounds.  During testing, we will  take results with a blood pressure cuff; making this a pain-free testing option.

Once we know your PAD risk, or the degree of disease you're experiencing, we can help prevent complications such as Critical Limb Ischemia, foot and leg ulcers, heart attacks, strokes and limb loss.

Peripheral Arterial Disease Smart-ABI Powder Springs

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