Foot Pain in Kids in Powder Springs, GA

Here in Powder Springs, we’re lucky enough to enjoy summer weather for most of the year. And, while that’s great news for children who love to stay active outdoors, it also means we need to prevent foot pain in kids that’s linked to playing and getting hot and sweaty.

You see, when you let kids run around outside during long, hot summer days, they’re bound to have fun. But they also increase the risk of athlete’s foot as they run around in moist or damp shoes. At the same time, when children hit the pool, they open themselves up to this fungal infection. And that’s not all—fungal toenails in kids often develop at the pool, due to walking on those wet shared surfaces.

Finally, with so much summer activity going on, we see too many children with injuries like ankle sprains. And those injuries often happen because children swap out supportive sneakers for summer’s favorite shoe styles—crocs, sandals and flip-flops.

Want to prevent foot pain in kids this summer season? Here are your podiatrist in Powder Springs, GA’s  5 top tips for protecting your children’s foot safety, regardless of the weather.

1. Choose shoes based on the day’s activity. children's bare feet

If your child is heading to a lake or the ocean, think about using aqua socks or water shoes. Keeping children’s feet covered in the water will prevent foot pain in kids when they walk on rough rocks or sharp surfaces. It will also protect their little feet from scrapes, cuts and infections. Also? These water shoes will put a protective layer between kids’ feet and wet, shared surfaces. And that means a lower risk for foot and nail fungus.  
Of course, water shoes aren’t so supportive. So, if your children are spending the day playing sports like soccer or basketball, they’ll need to wear proper athletic shoes. To make sure you get the right fit and support, though, be sure to have kids’ feet measured in a real store. And make sure any shoes you buy them feel comfortable the very first time they’re worn. Children’s shoes don’t need to be broken in, but they do need to feel good, every time they’re worn. This is a sign of proper fit and support.

2. Flip flops are pool shoes. Don’t wear them outside their home base.

Don’t have water shoes? By all means, let kids wear flip-flops to the pool or in shared showers. But don’t let your little ones walk, run or play in this shoe style. You see, flip flops slip off. And that means your child will have to grip his or her feet uncomfortable to keep the shoes from sliding. Soon, that can lead to foot pain in kids, as they start to get cramps or dull aches.

Even worse? Flip-flops are open on top and at the toes. As a result, your children’s feet are left unprotected from bumps and bruises. And, because the shoes move around a lot, they can also rub against feet, increasing the chances of getting blisters. Finally, because they slip around a lot, kids are more likely to trip in slides and flip flops. So these summer favorites also increase the risk of falls and ankle sprains. Plus, you don’t wear them with socks. Which is a problem, because…

3. Socks protect children’s feet.

Along with sunscreen, socks are one of the most critical items for protecting your children in summer. Why? As it turns out, socks provide children with multiple layers of protection. First, when you choose athletic socks for kids, they absorb sweat to keep feet dry. And that can help prevent fungal infections. Also, they can prevent painful rubbing and blisters, by creating a protective barrier between shoes and kids’ feet.

4. Size matters. And it has to be checked often.

Kids’ feet grow—often faster than you realize! To make sure that children are in the proper shoe size,  regularly get their feet measured. And avoid wearing shoes from last summer—even if children can still wiggle into them, they probably aren’t getting the perfect fit—or support. Not sure how to tell if your child needs new shoes? Use our last tip as your guide!

5. Comfort is the most important thing for kids’ shoes.

As we mentioned earlier, your children’s shoes should be comfortable from the first moment of wearing. Kid’s shoes shouldn’t have to be broken in. For that reason, you should always shop for children’s shoes online, and later in the day, when the feet are largest because of mild swelling. But don’t be lured in by cute shoes that your child swears feel right. Instead, make sure a trained sales associate measures both of the child’s feet, fitting new pairs of shoes to the largest one. And, before you walk out of the store with a new pair of shoes, make sure the sales associate agrees that they fit well. Also, look for a stiff heel, and a bit of bend in the forefoot of the shoe, near the toes. But avoid twisting in the mid-foot, because that will sacrifice the shoe’s stability. By following these rules, you’re likely to avoid foot pain in kids this summer…and the rest of the year as well!

Fighting Foot Pain in Kids in Powder Springs, GA

Whatever the season, one thing is clear: foot pain in kids is never a normal part of growing up. In fact, any time your child’s feet hurt, that’s a sign of a potential problem. So, what should you do if your child says his or her feet don’t feel right? First, make sure your kids are wearing the right shoes for their summer activities. Then, if they’re following all our tips for summer foot safety, and the discomfort doesn’t go away? Schedule an immediate appointment with Dr. Alvin Cowans, your pediatric podiatrist in the Lost Mountain neighborhood of Powder Springs. When you come in, we'll conduct a comprehensive foot exam for your child. Together, we’ll discover what’s causing foot pain in kids, and solve the problem as quickly as we can!