We know how frustrating it is to live with painful plantar warts that just keep coming back, even after treatment. And we know that, in the past, treatment could be slow and uncomfortable. Today, however, we can offer Swift for plantar warts, a treatment option that provides excellent results in a quick and painless manner.

What is Swift for plantar warts?

Trying to treat your plantar warts can be a major pain. But, now that we offer Swift Therapy in our Powder Springs podiatry practice, we are able to resolve your warts without the pain. And, the majority of patients who choose this treatment option find that it resolves their wart problems permanently.

But what is Swift Therapy? This is an FDA-approved procedure that treats warts where they begin, by targeting and eliminating the HPV virus that causes these formations on the bottom of your feet. And, because it does so by using laser technology, Swift doesn't destroy any of the healthy tissue surrounding the lesion. As a result, this treatment is less invasive (and less painful) than other wart solutions.

Even better? Each Swift session lasts just minutes. And the treatment itself does not cause discomfort. So, for that reason, we can recommend this wart treatment for everyone from children to older adults, without concerns about discomfort.

What to expect from your Swift session Infographic on Swift for plantar warts

If you're wondering, can Swift for plantar warts cure your problem, you should know that you'll typically need to schedule between three and four sessions in order to completely resolve your lesions. But don't worry about spending all your time in our office. These sessions won't last more than 10 minutes. And, right after the appointment is over, you can go back to your regular activities. Best of all, the treatment area won't need bandaging; you also won't have to apply creams or ointments to your foot between sessions. As such, you can treat your wart and forget about it until you're due for the next Swift session. 

Does Swift for plantar warts provide a lasting cure?

Some plantar wart treatments seem to be working. But, within weeks, you see your warts returning. And we know how furtrating that can be. So, is Swift for plantar warts an effective treatment option?

Here's the deal. While we can't say that Swift will permanently cure your warts, we can say this. In clinical studies, between 80-90% of patients who received Swift Therapy saw their warts completely cleared, and permanently resolved. In contrast, treatments such as creams or cryotherapy have much lower success rates.

Of course, every patient is unique. So the time it takes to resolve your wart may differ from another individual. Still, the majority of patients find Swift for plantar warts to be a very effective treatment option that provides long lasting results.

Will it hurt?

For most patients, Swift is a virtually painless treatment option. And those who do report discomfort find it to be mild; plus, the feeling subsides as soon as the treatment session ends, with no lingering pain afterward. Even better? While plantar warts themselves are often painful, even one session of Swift Therapy can help relieve that discomfort. And that's because Swift eliminates blood flow to your wart, stopping its growth while helping your body fight off the virus that caused the wart, and getting rid of the lesion from your foot.

Signs it's time for treatment

Sometimes it's hard to identify problems on the bottoms of your feet. After all, seeing this part of the body typically involves a lot of effort. So, how can you tell if you need plantar wart treatment in Powder Springs?

Here are some symptoms that suggest it's time to come see Dr. Alvin Cowans:

  • It hurts to walk or run
  • You feel like a pebble is stuck in your shoe, but when you check, nothing is there
  • There's a lesion on your foot that hurts when you press on its sides
  • You notice a flat, circular spot on your foot, and there's a little depression in its center
  • The lesion on your foot appears to be yellow, or contains black dots
  • You have pain, bleeding or color changes on your foot skin
  • You have diabetes, and aren't sure if you have a plantar wart

Choosing Swift for plantar warts in Powder Springs

Now that you have a better understanding of this treatment option, we hope you can see that, while we can't guarantee Swift for plantar warts will provide a cure, it can effectively remove warts while preserving your healthy foot tissue. Best of all, it gets rid of warts without the pain and hassle of other treatment options. And, because it's a non-invasive procedure, it's safe for everyone, from children and pregnant women (the risk is considered to be the same as if you got electrolysis during pregnancy.) The treatment is also safe for older adults and even individuals with diabetes.

Want to find a lasting solution to those painful, pesky plantar warts? And do you want to resolve your lesions without the pain of other treatments, while preserving your healthy skin tissue and avoiding any kind of down time? Swift for plantar warts could be your ideal solution, and we're here to help determine if this therapy is right for you. So, how do you get started? Simply call our Lost Mountain neighborhood office at 770-727-0614, or click here to reach out and request a consultation for plantar warts.