Have you been wondering when to have bunion surgery? Has it grown more painful and prominent while you struggle to make time in your schedule? Well, wait no more: as Dr. Alvin Cowans explains, summer is the perfect season to finally get rid of that painful bony bump on your foot! But, before you go ahead and book your procedure, let's make sure you understand what bunions are all about.

Why do we get bunions? A foot with a tailor's bunion

Bunions develop when your feet come under pressure. That force (internal or external) makes the bone in your big toe shift inward. In the process, it rotates, and a bump starts to form on your foot, at the base of your big toe joint. While the initial bunion bump may be small, it will continue to grow without intervention. And so, over time, you may find it hard to wear shoes, and the bunion itself could become red, painful, and inflamed. At that point, your best treatment option will likely be bunion surgery. Already at that point? Wondering when to have bunion surgery? Well, the answer is simple: the time is now!

Scheduling Bunion Surgery in Summer

Not every bunion will need to be treated surgically. In fact, if you come into the office when your bump is relatively small, we may be able to slow its growth by changing your shoes, padding your bunion, and fitting you for custom orthotics. (That will take pressure off your bunion by correcting imbalances in your feet.)

However, non-invasive treatments won't get rid of bunions. They can only keep them from growing larger, while managing the discomfort they may cause. So, if you want to remove a bony bump, and restore the smooth profile of your foot, bunion surgery is your best option. And summer is a great time to do it because many of us will have set aside downtime this season that will allow you to stay off your feet and enjoy your recovery while taking a much-needed break from work!

Now you know why summer is a great time to book bunion surgery. But did you know that our podiatrist in Powder Springs can take different approaches to bunion surgery, depending on your preference and unique medical condition? Here's what you need to know!

Minimally Invasive or Open Bunion Surgery

Dr. Alvin Cowans performs open surgery for bunions, and can also perform minimally invasive surgery for tailor's bunions. (Bony bumps that form at the base of your pinky toe instead of your large toe.) When you come into the office, we can review your candidacy for a minimally invasive procedure, and help you make the right choice.

But what's involved in each option? When you select open surgery, Dr. Cowans will use stabilizing hardware to ensure your bones stay in place following your procedure. And, if you choose a minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Cowans can choose from a variety of approaches to perform your surgery. Afterward, you will enjoy a shorter recovery period (you could be back on your feet within three weeks!) Plus, there's minimal scarring and reduced pain with this approach.

Of course, bunions are not the only conditions that Dr. Cowans treats surgically. He can also provide minimally invasive approaches for correcting hammertoes, crossed toes, neuromas, and more. And as for traditional surgery? He can provide relief for injuries, ingrown toenails, heel spurs, and so many more foot and ankle concerns. So, even if you're not considering bunion surgery this summer, use your downtime to come in for a surgical consultation and finally get relief from the other conditions you simply haven't had time to address!

When to Schedule Bunion Surgery? There's Still Time This Summer!

Now that you understand there are options when it comes to treating your bunions surgically, it's time to get you on the schedule for a consultation. You see, whether you choose open or minimally invasive bunion surgery, you will still need to be off your feet for a while following your procedure. And, as we mentioned earlier, taking a break may be easier in summer, when many of us have already planned to take some time off work and enjoy the season with our feet up. 

Not sure if your bunion is really in need of surgical correction? Summer is still the time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cowans. After all, if you're hoping to avoid surgery, you are more likely to find relief with non-invasive treatments when you come into the office with a small bunion. (Not with a bony bump that grew larger all summer long, while you stayed on your feet enjoying the best of the season.)

Want to walk confidently into fall without the pain of a bulging bunion? We're here to help! Just call the office at 770-727-0614 or request a consultation online. Conveniently situated in the Lost Mountain region, our team is ready and waiting to help you decide when to schedule bunion surgery. And to help you find lasting relief for all your foot and ankle concerns!