Now that spring is officially here in our Powder Springs, GA podiatry practice, Dr. Alvin Cowans is ready to help you get your feet prepared for the season. Did you spend the winter hiding an ugly fungal toenail in your closed-toed shoes? Or were you cozying up on the couch, dealing with foot pain that kept you away from your favorite activities?

Well, with winter behind us, we know you’ll want to bring out your favorite sandals, and get outside to enjoy the longer daylight hours. But you can’t do that if you’re dealing with pain or embarrassing infections. And so, to help you get the most out of this delightful time of year, we’re explaining how our Class IV laser therapy for feet can get your feet back in spring-worthy shape!

Meet our Class IV Laser

In our office, we use a Class IV laser to provide therapeutic treatment. This class of laser emits two light wavelengths—red and near-infrared—helping your body kickstart its own healing processes. But how does that work?

It’s actually a pretty incredible process. You see, when the two light wavelengths reach your body, that stimulates production of adenosine triphosphate (ADP). Then, the internal messengers in this compound tell your body to start healing any damaged cells. And you begin to see results from your laser therapy for feet.

Now, some lasers can only treat surface conditions. But ours works differently: because its light waves are warm, they reach deeper beneath the surface of your skin. As such, they can treat surface conditions such as fungal infections. But they can also target problems lurking well below the surface, including ligament, muscle and tendon pain.

Choosing Laser Therapy for Feet this Spring laser therapy for feet with fungal toenail infection

If you want your feet ready for the season, here are some of the conditions we recommend treating with our in-house laser therapy.

1.    Heel pain caused by inflammation in your plantar fascia (connective fibrous tissue that runs from your heel bone to your forefoot, along the foot’s bottom).

2.    Achilles tendon pain, another condition caused by inflammation.

3.    Tendon inflammation in the outside of your ankle and foot (called peroneal tendonitis).

4.    Ball of foot pain caused by a neuroma (an inflamed nerve).

5.    Inner ankle pain caused by the inflammation of posterior tibial tendonitis.

6.    Fungal nail infections.

All of these painful inflammatory conditions can make it hard for you to enjoy spring strolls, hikes or sporting events. And a stubborn fungal nail infection can make it impossible to wear your favorite spring foot gear. But if you choose laser therapy to address your pain or nail infection, you’ll enjoy faster relief without the need for invasive interventions. Plus, the treatment process itself is virtually pain-free. And, since you won’t face any post-treatment activity restrictions, you can head straight from a laser therapy session to that baseball game you’ve been waiting all winter to enjoy.  

Laser Therapy for Feet: When Will I See Results

When you target your pain with laser therapy, you may feel soothing relief after just one session. And the majority of patients report noticeable improvements after three treatments with our Class IV laser. However, to enjoy the full benefits of this treatment option, most patients will need to complete between 6 and 12 sessions, depending on your individual condition.

Even More Reasons to Book Laser Therapy

While laser therapy is a great way to get your feet looking and feeling their best for spring, here are some additional benefits you’ll enjoy from your treatment sessions.

1.    You’ll Form New Blood Vessels

Class IV laser therapy for feet supports angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels in your body. And that could mean improved blood flow and faster healing if you sustain future injuries.  

2.    Damaged Nerves Could Regenerate

If you’ve suffered a prior injury or are dealing with painful neuropathy, laser therapy for feet could help your body recover by supporting the regeneration of damaged nerves.

3.    Your Bones Could Get Stronger.

If you’ve suffered from injuries like stress fractures in the past, studies suggest that laser therapy could help existing bone damage while helping your body form healthy new bone tissue.

4.    Those Muscles May Get Stronger, Too.

Laser therapy for feet also stimulates your body to form new collagen and muscle cells, which could help you get stronger and avoid future injuries. Clearly, when you undergo a course of laser therapy with our podiatrist in the Lost Mountain neighborhood of Powder Springs, you’ll be taking an important step towards getting your feet ready for spring, summer and beyond. Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to do!

Book Your Laser Therapy in Powder Springs, GA Today

Ready to say goodbye to ugly fungal toenails, painful tendon inflammation, and more? Want to walk or run into spring looking and feeling your best? Call our office at 770-727-0614 or click here to schedule a consultation regarding laser therapy for feet.  When you come into the office, we’ll review your unique condition and specific concerns, providing a comprehensive exam and considering your complete medical history. Then, when we’re confident that you’re a good candidate for Class IV laser therapy, we’ll come up with a unique treatment plan that will provide relief for your concerns in the shortest possible amount of time!


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